To contact us directly, for a copy of our pitch deck, or for any other questions regarding donations or investment,
please email

Alex Mena or Fiona Hall

CREW 713 is a work of love and passion. Alex promised his dying father that he would tell the story about his bomber crew from WWII. Not only are we working to honor this promise, we are also working to bring the lost history of the original 492nd Bomb Group to a new audience.

We do not have a big studio backing our efforts. We certainly do not have millions or even thousands of dollars at our disposal to make this film a reality. What we have is people like yourself. Perhaps your father or grandfather served in the 492nd, or they flew the heavy bombers in WWII over Europe, The Pacific or the Far Eastern theaters of war. What those men had was a shared experience. We are telling these shared experiences in CREW 713. We would ask that you please consider a financial donation to our film production fund. Your donation will keep the memories of these men alive and teach this rapidly disappearing history to a new and younger audience.

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